Time and Mood


Time and Mood was built and is administered by Aivar Kavshevich in my spare time. I am a software developer and entrepreneur from Latvia.
Aivar Kavshevich Time and Mood cake
I have been watching YouTube mostly using subscriptions and listening to podcasts for years. Over that time, I have been becoming increasingly annoyed with YouTubes' subscription feed. At one point, I have decided that enough is enough and, taking inspiration from the way Netflix handles similar problem, started working on Time and Mood. This is not an alternative YouTube client nor does it aim to replace the YouTube experience as a whole. It does just one thing - makes enjoying your subscriptions as effortless as possible.

The scope of the app may increase in the future, but I will never forget where it came from and will not overburden the interface with unnecessary clutter. I promise that there will never be any ads on Time and Mood aside from ones ran by YouTube (please, turn off ad blockers and support your favorite creators!) and included in podcasts by their creators.

Time and Mood is built using Node.js + React platform. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot by building it and have been using it as my primary way to watch YouTube and listen to podcasts since way before it was completed. At the moment, there is only a web version of it, but it does work reasonably well via mobile browsers on iOS and Android.

For now, the app and its full functionality is free, but if enough people like it, eventually I do plan to charge for it. If you start using it before that, it will be free for you, forever ;)

If you'd like to get in touch, message me at me@aivark.com.